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Am I a member of the BIA?

Any commercial property or tenant of a commercial property within the town boundaries of Picton is automatically a member of the BIA.


What is the purpose of the BIA?

According to The Municipal Act (section 204), the purpose of the BIA is:

(a) to oversee the improvement, beautification and maintenance of municipally-owned land, buildings and structures in the area beyond that provided at the expense of the municipality generally

(b) to promote the area as a business or shopping area


What can the BIA do for me?

The BIA has 5 areas of focus:

1. Advocacy

We advocate to the Municipality in matters relating to the economic development of Picton. Things that affect business owners such as the Downtown Revitalization Initiative, election issues and parking.


2. Membership Assistance

The BIA is a resource for members. If you have questions about the process to install a new sign, heritage, façade improvements, finding funding, or getting assistance with growing your business, we are here to help you find that information, or to direct you to a partner who can help.


3. Streetscaping

All beautification of Main Street is done by the BIA. Summer flower baskets and planters; The Picton Banners on the lamp standards; Seasonal lit décor; Winter baskets and swags. Street furniture also falls under our purview. Each year we budget to grow our inventory to keep Picton looking vibrant and welcoming.


4. Marketing

Keeping in mind that the purpose of the BIA is to promote the area, the BIA produces annual printed material to direct visitors online; Keeps an up-to-date listing of member businesses on; Regularly posts on Facebook and Instagram; Runs an annual holiday shopping promotion; And produces several annual signature events and supports partner events that will attract more people to the area – with a focus on the shoulder season months.


5. Finance

The BIA is funded entirely through a levy on the commercial property taxes in the designated area. In addition, the BIA seeks grants and other revenue opportunities to increase its capacity.



The Picton BIA’s 2023 Board of Management:

  • Penny Morris – Chair (Penny’s Pantry)

  • Arlene Wright – Secretary & Streetscape Committee Chair (Williamson Insurance)

  • Lesley Knox - Treasurer (Welch LLP)

  • Jordan Malka (Beacon Bike+Brew)

  • Jason Alexander (Fridays Cannabis)

  • Barb Miller (Career Edge) 

  • Dawn Middleton (The Ye110w Studio)

  • Krystal Campbell (Amour/Crowe's Footwear)

  • Phil St-Jean – Councillor, Picton Ward

To discuss membership in the Picton BIA, contact Manager, Mark Rose.


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