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Picton BIA Salutes their Main Street “Flower Brigade”

The Picton Business Improvement Association is saluting some Main Street businesses.  Known as the Flower Brigade, these business owners, staff and some local residents have volunteered to keep Picton beautiful.

In the spring, the Picton BIA launched a new program, Adopt-a-Spot, focused on recognizing the pride that Picton businesses have for the town.

The first project for the new program was to have the downtown businesses water the flower baskets.  In prior years, flower baskets were some 14 feet in the air and could only be watered by municipal staff.  With the Main Street Makeover completed, the new lamp standards had significantly lower flower brackets and this meant that no special equipment was needed to water the baskets.

“We approached the business owners, and they were all so eager to participate.  There were a few businesses who had some challenges due to hours or staffing but we had no trouble finding someone next door who was willing to volunteer.  They are truly an amazing group of people,” said Robyn Molyneaux, Chair of the Picton BIA Board of Management.  “The BIA provided the flower baskets and watering cans and they did the rest!”

The Picton BIA would like to thank:

“The flowers are absolutely spectacular this year.  A lot of the credit has to go to Lockyer’s Country Gardens for delivering such beautiful baskets,” said Arlene Wright, Streetscape Chair on the BIA Board.  “But without the dedication of the businesses, they wouldn’t have flourished.  I think there’s even friendly competition on Main about whose baskets are looking the best.”

Many Main Street businesses added to the beauty of the street by having their own planters and hanging baskets.  We recognize that there are some mystery businesses and residents who stepped in when they saw a need.  Thank you!

The Picton BIA would particularly like to thank Susan Hughes.  Susan planted the flowers at the Shopper’s Parkette (beside McDonalds) and the garden at the Hospital.  She continued to tend and water them throughout the year.

The BIA hired Alec Kanga to provide some supplemental watering and to fertilize the flowers every week through an employment partnership with Community Living Prince Edward.  Thank you to The County of Prince Edward (Shire Hall) who supplied Alec with water.

We would also like to thank two Board members for their extra care for the baskets: Arlene Wright and Penny Morris.   Arlene planted and tended flowers in the four large planters on Main Street and two planters at Shire Hall.  In addition, garden areas at the Crystal Palace, Prince Edward Old Boys Memorial Entrance (Crystal Palace), Shire Hall and the adjacent parkette, the Library, the Naval Marine Archive, the Highway 49 Picton sign, and the Chamber of Commerce have all benefited from her efforts.

The Picton BIA is a non-profit organization, funded by a small levy on Picton businesses’ property taxes, grants and donations.  “The cost of the flower watering was substantial and took a significant bite out of our discretionary budget,” said Judith Burfoot, Office Administrator for the Picton BIA.  “The savings this year will allow us to purchase some more lit décor for the winter season as last year’s snowflakes were such a success.”

October 2017 Press Release

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